Social Media


My main platform of social media is of course my streaming channel on Twitch. Here you can see me broadcast everything from IRL ( In real life) streams to my normal gaming sessions. Tune in to the channel and give it a follow to see when i go live! You can do that at:

My offline logo at my Twitch channel


Together with my social media Instagram made it much easier to show out to you guys what I am doing and what I am working with. So go check it out and see what i do at:

From photoshoot in Oslo posted on Instagram


Working with Facebook has been so fun. I will post allot of different stuff here. What I work with, sponsors/ partners, pictures, plans and of course allot of other cool stuff!

My Facebook front logo


Here I usually post information about the stream but sometimes post other cool tech related stuff that is out on the market!

My own Twitter logo from stream.