DreamZ Esports digitale aktivitetsuke

The week of allot of gaming has come to an end and we could see the result of thousands of people joining in together in the Easter to play games online during this times. Taking in to consideration that COVID-19 has stopped all arrangements in Norway and around the globe we still manged to pull of a really good online digital event.

What did we do?

First day of the “DreamZ Esports Digitale aktivitets uke” was on Wednesday 08.04.2020. The day was put of to represent the Minecraft creative competition that we had together with The Gathering also called “TG”. TG was usually hosting Norways biggest data-party but due to COVID-19 this also got cancelled. This day started the week with allot of fun and we got to play CS:GO the same day.

Together with TG we arranged, Minecraft Creative, PUBG Tournament and COD MW where they sponsored us with some of the prices. This happening lasted out from Thursday to Friday with TG. Then afterwards on Saturday when the plans of The Gathering had ended we launched the Call of duty Modern Warfare competition on Saturday.

Last day on Sunday we had arranged a Fortnite tournament who where planned out to just be “Fun and games” with the soul purpose of gathering people. With the week ending and allot of fun had been made we could finally look back on some good results of an amazing week!

Looking forward to the next digital event we make!
Until next time…

Dreamhack SUMMER 2019!

Dreamhack summer was really exciting! We did not stay as long as we used to tho. But it was still a great time. We used our first day to visit the town it self in Jönköping. Seeing allot of other streamers and influencers from our Twitch and YouTube community the first day. We went out to party at O’learys and met up with allot of other great people. Day 2 for us in Jönköping was actually the first day that Dreamhack opened. I tryed to take as many pictures and videos as possible during my first day at the event. So we went back and forwards between different stands to watch what my first Dreamhack summer could bring me. During one of the best moments of my life on a data party we went to the LAN ZONE!

I was standing taking pictures of a streamer friend when i looked over to my left suddenly recognizing a person that look familiar. At first I did not see who it was, but then I looked over again and got to see that it was Sodapoppin!

I actually asked him if he would do a really short intervju with me something he would be glad to do! This moment was amazing and I will try to get the video done after my vacation to post it all on my YouTube channel!

During day 2 we actually used the time to say goodbye to people as we had to go back from Dreamhack early do to other arrangements. But the time I got to have was fantastic and I had so much fun with all the fantastic people and Dreamhack itself!

Big thanks to all the people that made my trip so fantastic!

The Gathering 2019!

The gathering is over for now… but I want to thank all the great people I met during this good event here in Norway. Thank you all!

See you next year!

NB! An extra thanks to Elkjøp that sponsored me a mouse pad cause I managed to forget that…


Dreamhack was really cool! I met allot of great people during my weekend! We started with arriving Sweden Thursday where we did a pre-party with the gang consisting of mainly streamers and moderators from the Norwegian Twitch community. We did some filming and photos during the event and the plan is to post this on YouTube, stay tuned there! We did a stream at Dreamhack on Snappy’s (twitch.tv/snappy) during the first day at the event where I tested out the new Black Ops game, that was actually my first time! So testing it live on stream was really funny! Day 2 at Dreamhack we went looking at all the different stands at the event getting an overview, it was allot of cool stuff to see and I really recommend people to join the next Dreamhack event! Day 3 went mainly to some photos and videos testing out some new gear.  To sum it all up it was a fantastic event and I was really happy to get invited on this journey! I just want thank all the fantastic people making this event so fantastic. I had a wonderful time!

One of my favorites pictures at the MSI stand at Dreamhack Winter