Dreamhack was really cool! I met allot of great people during my weekend! We started with arriving Sweden Thursday where we did a pre-party with the gang consisting of mainly streamers and moderators from the Norwegian Twitch community. We did some filming and photos during the event and the plan is to post this on YouTube, stay tuned there! We did a stream at Dreamhack on Snappy’s (twitch.tv/snappy) during the first day at the event where I tested out the new Black Ops game, that was actually my first time! So testing it live on stream was really funny! Day 2 at Dreamhack we went looking at all the different stands at the event getting an overview, it was allot of cool stuff to see and I really recommend people to join the next Dreamhack event! Day 3 went mainly to some photos and videos testing out some new gear.  To sum it all up it was a fantastic event and I was really happy to get invited on this journey! I just want thank all the fantastic people making this event so fantastic. I had a wonderful time!

One of my favorites pictures at the MSI stand at Dreamhack Winter

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